divisi problems

i have two problems - not sure if they are discussed earlier - sorry if so.

  1. going from unison to divisi I duplicate my note with shortcut ‘R’. It works, but in the divisi bars, the rests are not disappearing for voice 2-4:
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-15 um 10.35.05.png
  2. sometimes Dorico only duplicates the note to the upper voice of the divisi…that’s even more strange because for the tenor part, Dorico duplicates to all voices (see above), for the alti only to the upper voice:
  • so why does it sometimes work and sometimes not?
  • if it works: how do I get rid of my rests? By colouring them white? Is that the only possibility???

If the Divisi sign is at the start of the bar, Dorico only copies the note to the 1st voice, if it is in the middle of the bar, Dorico copies to all voices.
IMHO, this seems to be a bug…it should copy to all voices if the sign is at the start of the bar and all rests should disappear…

I think you’re misunderstanding how divisi works. Once you have a divisi to two or more parts, you have multiple staves: when you then hit R to repeat a note after itself, it will only go into the staff that it is presently on, which if you’re going from a tutti passage to a divided passage will be the first divisi staff.

yes Daniel, that’s clear…but the funny thing: if I put the divisi sign just one 8th note later in the bar - so to say on the ‘1 and’ in the very same bar, the note before is copied to all divisi staves which is especially helpful, if there is a tie going into some of the divisi staves…

There’s nothing funny about it, Peer. If you put the divisi on “one and” then Dorico treats “one” as a unison, because that’s what you’ve told it to do.

Starting a divisi in the middle of a long note is just weird, IMO. If you start it on the first note that really is divisi, Dorico will automatically “back fill” the start of the system by copying the notes.