divisi question

I have
Group 1:
Vl I,1
Vl I,2

Group 2:
DB I,1
DB I,2

Ok…4 bars later I’d like to add a Vl I,3
The problems:
I can delete ‘Group 1’ but if I add an VI I,3, it is added beneath DB I,2 and I can’t create a new group with VI 1-3.

Is there a solution??

By groups, do you mean groups of separate players in the left panel in Setup mode? that is, in group 1, you have two different players, each holding a violin?

If you want to handle divisi, you can instead have a single section player for each string section and then use Dorico’s divisi feature to divide that player onto as many staves as required, then return to unison wherever required.

For a typical orchestra, all you need is 5 section players: 2 holding violins (Violin I, Violin II), one holding viola, one cello, and one DB. Then in Write mode, input the music as required. If you want them to start the piece already divided (e.g. Violin I-1 and Violin I-2), input a divisi change at the very start of the piece. You can add/change the divisi wherever you need - just be aware that the number of staves can only change once per system.

I have this and I’d like to add a ‘Alt I,2’ for 5 bars…

I can’t explain to you Lilly, why I have a set-up like this, sorry - please just trust me that there is no other possibility in this case at this spot…

Could you send me the project, either here or via email so I can take a look at the context? with bar numbers ideally for where you want to add the extra division and where you want to go back to “normal”. my email is: l (dot) harris (at) steinberg (dot) de

done :slight_smile: you should have a mail…thanx so much