Divisi question

So, I have a question about divisi…

I’m trying to mock-up an orchestral score that has pretty significant divisi… I have divisi strings in my VSL Special edition (Dimension Strings)

I’m assuming I have to set all of that up manually, and if I wanted it all on the same staff, I’d need to manually assign the stuff on a per-voice basis.
The only other recourse would be separate staves, yes?

You can show divisi on the same staff using condensing, but you should create divisi changes in the usual way and write the music on separate staves to begin with, then enable condensing later on (just as you would for any other kind of condensing). You can direct each voice to a different endpoint if you need to, using independent voice playback. For information on independently routing voices to different endpoints, see here. For information about condensing divisi, see the Dorico 3.5 Version History PDF.