Divisi routing problem

I created a divisi in the cellos. I added two soloists and deleted the gli altri.

The second part isn’t playing back, and when I look at the routing in Play view, I notice that the staff is correctly assigned to the appropriate channel, but it doesn’t have any notes in it.

How do I get the split to work?

Can you attach the project itself so we can take a look? A quick reminder:

Yes, here’s the relevant passage. I noticed this morning when I opened the file that material had appeared in staff (b), assigned to a Halion output, which I guess is somewhat normal; and there are now two staff (a) lines. Again guessing, I assume that’s related to creating the divisi with two soloists and no gli altri.

Anyway, the problem seems to have sorted itself out.

Wildness_problem.zip (2.2 MB)

I don’t know if it is connected, Daniel, but there is a secondary issue that I’ve run into. The playing technique ‘Solo’ is effecting a keyswitch in Dimension Strings/Cello via VEP. It is working as it should on channel 4, but having no effect on channel 9.

If you look at the screenshot you originally attached, the two voices shown are the first up-stem and down-stem notes on the first staff – the second (new) staff doesn’t show at all. This is because the display in Play mode doesn’t currently update as soon as new voices are added, which is not great: you can find details about this here:

I don’t have VSL on my Mac here, but I find that it I just swap the VST instruments in the rack for e.g. Pianoteq, each of the staves does play back as expected. Unfortunately I don’t think I can offer much help with why the “Solo” playing technique isn’t having the expected effect – but perhaps another VSL user can assist you in that area.

Thanks Daniel. I wondered whether it might be a case of ‘being taken by surprise’, as the staff just pops up and starts playing without any preparation. Might it make a difference to move the start of the div. back a measure?

In terms of the “solo” marking taking effect in playback? I wouldn’t expect that to make any difference, no, but it might be interesting to know if it does make a difference if you move the “solo” instruction so that it occurs after the first played note in the new voice, rather than right at the start.

I can report that neither alternative made a difference.