Divisi signpost - tutti signpost

I would like to see the restore tutti as a tutti signpost not as a Divisi again. Would be easier to recognize for copying.

We’ve already made this change ahead of the forthcoming minor update.

Thank you. That’s fine.

One request: it should be possible to edit the Staff Labels style of the restore tutti, just as it is at the start of the divisi. It’s impossible to select the tutti marking under Divisions in the Change Divisi window.

A workaround is possible by changing the tutti into a new divisi indication called tutti, but that defeats the purpose of having the tutti signpost in galley view.

In general, ‘Tutti’ is opposed tot ‘Solo’ (or 2 soli, la metà etc., i.e. a passage where part of the group was not playing).
To cancel a divisi instruction, you should write ‘unis.’ (see Gould, p. 428).
I’d like to be able to edit not only the tutti/unis. text style but also the used terminology. Alternatively: a separate menu item for Restore Unisono, apart from the existing Restore Tutti.

Pjotr: You can change the terminology in Engrave mode by clicking the text of the tutti (or divisi) indication—not the signpost—and putting in what you like at “Custom text” in the Divisi panel. Of course, this does nothing to change the style of that text.

I agree there should be expanded functionality in the menu, or via the signpost/Change Divisi window. I would love to see solo/unison represented in the menu just as we have change divisi/restore tutti.

Thanks Borosini, you’re right, I somehow missed that property ‘down under’.