Divisi soloists, condensing

So, I understand that soloists will not condense with with the tutti, which makes sense, but is there any way to get the soloists to condense amongst themselves?

To give a concrete example, from Dukas’ Sorceror’s Apprentice:


On a secondary, related topic… solo staves do not generate any sort of label in the part, and it really seems that they should.

There is at present no way to make solo divisions condense with each other, but we’ll certainly think about how we might accommodate this in future.

As for labels for the solo staff in the part, this is unchanged from previous versions: you can use a number of different options to control whether labels appear, including options in the divisi change itself, and in layout options. This is unchanged in Dorico 3.5 with regard to earlier versions, and the various options are documented here.