Divisi - Specific player information lost when condensing?

Hi gents of the forum,

The new (epic) 5.1 update from Dorico made me want to play a little with divisi, however, I ran into an issue(?). Perhaps it’s just me setting things up incorrectly (most certainly), but I wanted to post anyway just in case.

I’ve set up an accordion section to perform divisi as follows:

Note how players 1 and 3 are combined, as well as players 2 and 4.

After condensing I end up with this:

This is certainly correct, however, the specific information about which players are supposed to play which passage is lost. It only specifies “div”, which could equally have players 1 and 2 play the upper notes and players 3 and 4 the bottom ones.

It’s a minute detail which can be easily “fixed” by merging everything into one staff with multiple voices, then labeling the divisi manually using text notes. Using the divisi function however would make the notation process a little easier and more convenient, so it would be cool if it would preserve this detail in the condensing step. Like so (this is what I would have expected the condensing to do, roughly):

Am I setting things up correctly or is this a feature that doesn’t exist (yet)?
I’ve made two “section divisi” then renamed them to “1.3” and “2.4”. I’m not sure if Dorico is aware at any point about the section having 4 players, hence why it only writes ‘div’? I couldn’t find a way to use the section labels instead of ‘div’.

Have some great holidays and thanks to the team for putting out this update as a christmas gift! :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


P.S.: I must also admit that missing out on the 25% discount, after just having purchased Dorico Pro about 2-3 weeks ago, is a real bummer! :frowning: But very statisfied with the product and free update nonetheless! :smiley:

As usual for condensing questions, we would have to see an excerpt of the Dorico file showing these measures to help you sort this out.

Oh, I apologize! :man_facepalming:

Attached is a simplified file with one accordion section set up for divisi. If you toggle the condensing box you should see the same thing happening as in the example pictures of the original post.

When opening the file you should be presented with this:

(Disclaimer: The music nor divisi make much sense; it’s just a test file)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:

Divisi test.dorico (545,7 KB)