Divisi Staff Labels in D3.5

Hi all,

I Updated to 3.5 from 3.1. Now I’m noticing that all my staff labels are gone on all my Divisi changes. (Just the text above the staff.) Searching for properties and settings there, I can only get the labels that appear at the beginning of the staff. In Layout settings, I do have the checkbox ticked to show divisi change labels above the staff. The project I’m having trouble with was done on 3.1, but I checked and the same issue happens when I start a new project and try to insert a divisi change. No staff labels above the staff at the change.

Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, cortz. I’m afraid this does look like a bit of a bug, I’m sorry to say. I’ll talk to my colleague Andrew about this on Monday and come back to you.