Divisi transposing instrument problem

This looks like a bug reported in 2018 resurfacing - but I may simply be missing something, or have missed a more recent discussion on this when searching.

The key signature of the second instrument in a divisi pair of transposing instruments is displaying wrong, and accidentals in the next system should not be there with the key signature now displaying correctly. I’ve marked these on this screenshot (btw thanks so much for the Greenshot recommendation!)

The layout is set to “Transposing layout” in Layout Options > Players

File attached.

Puccini O mio babbino caro, if you’re interested.
Divisi transposing instrument problem.dorico.zip (371 KB)

For some reason when I download this file, it turns into a folder of stuff, instead of a Dorico file. I’ve tried a couple of times and it’s still happening. Could you please upload it one more time? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Just rename the file removing “.zip”. Then it should open as a Dorico file.

Thanks! My browser was set to automatically extract zip files, once I turned that off it worked fine. For your piece, instead of using the divisi command I just duplicated the clarinet player, and then the key signature worked fine.

The problem may be that clarinets are solo instruments, and the divisi command is meant for sections. When I tried turning on divisi again, no matter whether I added a “solo” staff or a “section” staff, the key signature problem came back. I think I remember reading on another thread that the team has this issue on their backlog, but for now I would just duplicate the clarinet. Hope that helps…

This is a bug in the present divisi implementation, but I’m curious as to why you have chosen this approach to write for what looks like two independent clarinet parts rather than using two players and relying on condensing when the two players are playing music that can be shown on a single staff?

Thanks, Daniel. It’s not a musical reason.

I followed with fascination John’s Discover Dorico session on Expression maps and Playback Templates for Spitfire BBCSO Discover. I’ve ordered the free Discover edition. While waiting two weeks for it to arrive I’m getting some Dorico files ready.

In setting up my Babbino file I started by following the example of the Dorico project template that John introduced on his follow-up video since I may well use that at some point. This uses sectional instruments, including one flute, one oboe, and so on. I’ve not used the divisi feature much and thought I’d explore it by putting the notes in this way. When I got to the clarinets and saw the bug I thought I’d mention it.

In case I’ve confused anyone, the Dorico Information sheet that downloads with the project template explains: “…you can duplicate any existing player or create new solo and section players, add instruments and a new slot will automatically be added to your VST rack in Play mode, with the routing and expression or percussion maps assigned.”

@Stephen, thanks for your help!