Divisi unwanted key signature

Hi folks,
Something strange is happening in a divisi that I thought had been fixed in version 5 of DORCIO.
An unwanted accidental appears when there is nothing in the key signature.
I don’t find any solution to remove it.
Thanks for any help

You’ll need to provide the project itself if you would like us to investigate further. Please cut the project down to the smallest section that still reproduces the issue and attach it to a reply here. (Please don’t send the whole project to me in a private message: please cut it down and attach it here.)

Hi Daniel

I’ve found the solution. Here’s what happens:

a few steps before the problem I’m experiencing there is another key signature with a sharp that I change so that I no longer have anything as a key signature (A minor).

When I request divisi a few bars later, the new key signature is not implemented for the second part, that’s why I’ve got a sharp.

I have to request for a divisi at the place where the key signature changes, and copy the new key signature from another part and copy it (the becarre in this case) which is not displayed.

Speaking of which, I noticed that sometimes key signatures changes weren’t always implemented on all parts. It’s easy to see, and change it.

A small bug that I think is worth pointing out.

Best regards


One of the areas where we have been doing some concentrated work since Dorico 5.0.20 was released has been in the handling of key signatures and accidentals in divisi, so there will be some significant changes in this area in future versions.