Divisi within Divisi, how to do?

I have a score with the second violins divided into 6-stands. The fifth stand needs to be further subdivided (on separate staffs) inside/outside. If I select the 5th stand staff and ‘create divisi’, it changes the entire section into two divisi’s. Trying to just ‘add a staff below’ gives an error: “only for solo players”.

Is there a good way to do this? Failing that, is there any way to do this?

Thank you.

You can make a 7-part divisi and, in the Change Divisi dialog, rename the last ones to 5a, 5b and 6. You can even put the two 5’s in a group if you want to label and bracket them that way.

To avoid the appearance of the 6th div. switching staff in mid-system, you could either:

  • Put a system break at the point of the 7-div. in both score and part, or
  • Make it a 7-div. throughout and move the earlier 6 material down, leaving 5b empty

Before you do this, consider whether the two 5th-stand parts could both be written on the one staff, stems-up and down. If it would be clear enough to read, that might save everybody some confusion.

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Thank you, Mark. That’s essentially what I ended up doing. Unfortunately the divisi is too complex to be readable on one staff.

Thanks again!

If your second violins are consistently divided into these parts (i.e. at no point or at hardly any points do they play tutti) then you could also consider setting up each division as a separate player, and then dividing those divisions (as it were) as needed.