DIY anybody?

Ok, following on from braunies isolation box, heres some pictures of a JLM 1290 pre kit I built the other year. Very easy construction and a wonderful pre-amp along the lines of a Neve 1073. It shows the modules after having the components solderd onto them.

Any one else got any good DIY or kit build photos they’d like to share?

I’ll get round to posting pictures of the La2a clone I built later.

Click on the pics for bigger ones :stuck_out_tongue:

That pre-amp you’re building is a thing of beauty!

There’s nothing quite like rolling your own! DIY isn’t always practical, but you’ll ALWAYS learn more that way.

I rebuilt a Sovtek Mig50 tube amp, based on a schematic:

I also built this Deluxe Reverb clone from scratch:

I rebuilt this 1966 Bassman … Blackfaced the AB165 circuit … mounted in finger-jointed pine cab with a 15":

Currently building a JTM45 from scratch.

Wonderful :stuck_out_tongue:

I love point to point wiring and tag boards, That bassman you built is just stunning.

I’ll pop up the La2a later, it’s all P2P and a lovely design.

Wow, I really want that Deluxe Reverb clone! Nice work! What did it cost you?

It cost me more to DIY than to buy new (approximately 1.5 times new, not counting time/labor). However, the Fender DRRI has PCB construction, cheaper components (speaker, iron, tubes, sockets, pots, etc). The DR amp I built has premium parts throughout and will still be kicking long after I am gone.

On the back panel you will notice two non-stock features:

(1) an extra fuse holder (on-board spare) in the spot where normally the polarity switch would be (I don’t have that on any of my amps … no death-caps either).

(2) NFB (negative feedback) defeat switch … for when you want just a bit more gnarly hair on the tone.

It sounds fantastic.


I built a wooden box…you crafted a Neve… :unamused:

Guess people are not created equal :smiley:


btw…looks Good !!

I DIYed this weekend on the remote unit. Cut a bunch of metal for a inverter mount (12vDc->120vAc), had a friend weld it up for me, painted, wired, installed and tested the new 2.8Kw power system.

Heading to folk feast to do some work this year. Month and a half to go…

I should be able to power amps and a small PA for other outdoor events. The old power system Xantrex (piece of junk junk junk) took a dump and died after 2.5 years. If you need DC to AC conversion, stay away from Xantrex. Magna Sine in the ticket for me now. This thing weighed something like 60lbs and needed a heavy duty mount.

Here are some piccies:






Looks good, Tom. :sunglasses:

Thanks, Nate.

Based on rough calculations, I should be able to record off-grid for a minimum of 6-8 hours before having to start the genset. :sunglasses: