DL assistant broke unable to DL Halion demo - have latest version

I am trying to check out Halion demo prior to purchasing Ominisphere and Keyscape. I want to hear what Halion can do. I received the authorization code. When I open the Steinberg down load manager i get errors using the 1.21.6 version. says I need an update that fails. then, second error, I have open apps using the elicensing, which NONE are open.

I can’t get the utility to work in order to evaluate the quality of Halion. If I can’t get immediate help, well it looks like Omnisphere gets my $ rather than Absolute 4!
I just replaced my eLicense V1 USB (very old) with a new latest version of eLicense USB a few weeks ago!!!

Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error: Process with the ID NOT found.

Manually downloaded and reinstalled the Download Manager. It started to work normally.