DL too slow. PLS alternative link for HSE2.

Download is ridiculously slow. Been downloading since 2 hours here, still more than 12 hours to finish!!!
Can somebody please provide Dropbox link for HSE2 for Windows, file HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip?
Thank you.

My upload is probably much slower then the upload of steinberg :wink: I need to upload it to dropbox first, before I could even begin to give you a link. In other words: no can do. You’re better of just waiting for the download to finish.

Besides that: My download was ready in about 30 minutes or so…

That HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip installer would be useful here too as I somehow failed to download it and now I’m missing content, including Trip.

Or even if a moderator would provide a link would be great.

looks like you’ll have to wait like the rest of us :wink:

Download speed I get is 50kB/sec!!! It will take 22 hours to DL a this speed. C’mon… so 90s. Any alternative link will be most helpful. Thnx.

I feel your pain but it just proves how popular Steinberg really are :wink:

If it is any consolation, I am getting 31 Kb/sec for 7.5. Strangely enough, the HSonic file downloaded fast.
I will wait patiently, hoping that when Europeans go to sleep, things will speed up a bit. :mrgreen:

Or it proves how cheap their server service is… Site was down whole day, and now these speeds… At least if DL would work reliably, but the transfer cuts suddenly, and doesn’t move anymore…ehh. Anyway, I kinda doubt the popularity atm.

This is my third attempt to download 7.5, every time the download gets to 74~76% it stops and I have to start all over again. Right now is downloading at 807 kb/sec, with 1 hour and 54 mins remaining.

How do you start DL again? Do you have to keep Online Shop window open all the time? Or how do you get to installers again?

The HSonic file is the one I need as I somehow failed to download it. At least I think it is. All seems fine except the Trip synth is missing :frowning:

the site is always down before a major update , that is one of the signs it’s on the way , think yourself lucky your not still on dialup . patients my friend :wink:

Have you got a link to the download page? I can’t seem to find my way back to it

My download links are from grace period, so it may be different from who purchased the update in the shop.

I have to reload the page where I put my dongle serial to confirm the Grace Period, then the links get refreshed, or so I think, then the download starts again, if I don’t refresh that page, the links give a 404 error, page not found.

I saved my Steinberg’s original DL link for HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip, I hope it works for you.


Well thanks for replying. I was rather hoping a mod would provide a link for HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip.

That’s all I need I think. Or if someone could drop box it maybe…

Same here, the HSonic one went by fast, the Cubase one not so much. I’m getting to the point where i’m just going to wait untill tomorrow, refreshing the download in safari every 3 mins when it’s timed out is getting tiresome…

Their supplier should steal some blizzard ideas, they’ve been using bittorrents for years and years :slight_smile:

Hah, no sooner have i written this and i suddenly get a 600kBps DL speed and it’s done in 35mins

Hah, no sooner have i written this and i suddenly get a 600kBps DL speed and it’s done in 35mins

No such luck for me.

My HSE download ran for quite a few hours before failing and now my download manager is unable to resume it.
I had unfortunately closed the links page already as I assumed I would have been sent them in an email, but re-copied the link that is in my d/l manager and all I get is this.

Your download is no longer valid. Please contact our customer support.

Similar problem here. I was in such a rush this lunch time (had to pick up my grand daughter from school) I omitted to download the second installer: HALion_Sonic_SE_2_Installer_win.zip. Now, when I return to download it I get the same message: “Your download is no longer valid”

I’ve sent a message so hopefully it will get sorted out tomorrow.