DM with FF800?

Hey guys! It’s “kittyhawk” from the old forum. My band kittyhawk disbanded in 2004 so I felt it was time for a new handle.

Anyway, I posted this in the N4 forum b/c I’m running N4 but it’s really not a version-specific issue (I think).

I’m trying to get Direct Monitoring to work on my Fireface and it’s not. It works fine on my MR816x so I know it’s possible but I use my FF as my actual interface. Anyone know if I’m doing something wrong or if it just doesn’t work?

Thanks! And nice to see you all again. I was on hiatus while building the new studio.

Ok, not that anyone has replied :slight_smile:, but I’ve made some headway on my own.

Apparently I had the MS processing checked ON in TM which I never remember doing but this seems to have helped a bit.

Ok, I got it going now. Without DM I used to bus my main outs of Nuendo to Audio 1/2 on the middle row of TM and then send that to my SPDIF outs on the bottom row (to my KRK ERGO) - for no reason in particular. With DM I need to have my main outs on the middle and bottom rows be the same, which is fine.

Funny, I had heard that for some reason DM didn’t work across 2 MR816x machines. It’s working fine for me now on both my FF800 and my MR816x (which is only connected via ADAT to the RME). The entire DM control is about controlling TM and it doesn’t seem to matter what interface is connected to the FF ADAT inputs. VERY nice! I guess the problem is just the Steinberg MR Editor/Mixer software. Ironic to say the least. For the thousandth time I am so grateful for my RME.