DMG Equilibrium Not Rendering as a Clip Effect.


I hope someone can help with my issue.

I have complied an album in WL 8.52 in a Montage.
I have used numerous DMG Equilibrium instances as Clip Effects.

When I render to Montage to either a CD or a DDP Image File - any tracks that used the DMG Equilibrium are completely silent in the resulting DDP image (and CD)

Tracks that didn’t use the DMG Equilibrium are working perfectly.

It really is spooky.

What’s going on and how do I fix it?



I think you have to contact DMG about this or ask PG the programmer of WL
if he knows or what can be the reason.

regards S-EH

I had the exact same thing happen using Equilibrium. I got renders that were silent.

I figured out that using the plugin in Linear Phase mode when used in Clip effects makes this happen. If you use the eq in the IIR mode instead this does´t happen. Why it does´t work I have no clue. Just try it!



I got a reply from Dave at DMG. apparently it’s a bug and it’s been fixed in 1.51
although he hasn’t replied yet as to when 1.51 will be released.