DMG EQuilibrium - Not rendering

I just got the DMG Audio - EQuilibrium EQ (Which sounds fantastic by the way…)
When I insert it in a clip in a Montage and render, I get a resulting WAV with silence.
If it’s inserted in the Master section, it renders OK.

My system:

  • Windows 8 Pro 32 bit - Core2Duo 2.8 - 8GB Ram
  • Wavelab 8.0.1 (Build 665) 32 bit
  • DMG EQuilibrium v1.04

Ran the same tests on Mac version and runs OK except a few GUI quirks. The audio seems fine so far.

  • MBP15 - i7 Quad - 2ghz - 8GB Ram - Lion 10.7.5
  • Wavelab 8.0.1 (Build 665) 32 bit
  • DMG EQuilibrium v1.04

Anyone else using this EQ?


Hi there …

I have and use the EQuilibrium.

I agree it sounds fantastic.

I have only used it in the master section (reflecting the way I work) which has so far rendered OK. I will try and find the time to test on the montage.

In the meantime there is one bug that appeared after I recently upgraded to a Windows 7 system. The EQ fails to remember the ‘default’ opening settings that you have nominated. It always presents the setup dialogue at launch.

That is in a combination of W7 professional and WL 8.

I have the exact same problem. Equilibrium as a clip insert in an Audio Montage renders silence. Last Equilibrium version, with Wavelab 8.0.4 on Win 7 64 Bit. however, this only happens with the VST3 version. For the moment it helps using the VST2 version.

i use equilibrium too and i don´t have this problem.
i´m on mac though, osx10.8.5

Have you ever considered using Waves plugins?

I have this problem when rendering in ‘analogue’ mode. Changing to ‘zero-latency analogue’ fixed it. The EQ has two separate modes. One for normal playback and one for rendering. Its a bug with the plugin.