DMG Euilibrium linear mode weirdness in clip effects


Using DMG Equilibrium eq in phase linear mode as a clip effect in a montage makes rendered audio either silent or audio stops after a few seconds in the rendered file. This only happens if I insert the eq as a clip effect, not as a track effect or a master effect.

When I put the Equilibrium in IIR mode ( not phase linear) the audio is rendered as it should from the montage. Why is linear mode doing this in the clip effect slot?

The same thing happens if I use a VST or VST3 version of the plugin.


Hi …

I can’t answer the specific question with any authority but … have you upgraded to the latest version which is 1.08 available here:

This corrected a sample rate issue in WL for VST3 and some ‘other’ things.

FWIW, I have experienced other sporadic weirdness with this plug: it will not save default opening GUI parameters. Sometimes, in random behaviour which I cannot reproduce, it opens with the two buttons at the bottom of the start up (next exit) not visible. Earlier version sometimes caused WL to hang … a remarkable achievement as this is literally the only plugin to do so on my system.

Nothing I have mentioned takes away from Dave G’s brilliance.


Thanks for your reply:) I do have the latest version of Equilibrium installed (1.08)

This only happens when I use it in Linear or Free mode. Any of the other modes are fine and give expected results. Seems there´s something going on with the Linear mode giving silnce on render. Sometimes I get a few seconds of audio at the start of the rendered file, then silence the rest.

I know that using Equilibrium in linear mode gives quite a bit of latency. Could this have anything to do with the problem?



I have a strong personal suspicion that this is correct. Perhaps coupled with the way the plug handles routing of audio.

One thing: what is the session rate? I have seen real weirdness with this plug (and one other) at 88.2kHz sampling rates.

Generally: The manual indicates that we can expect the EQ to chew resources in these modes (I have used FIR/Analogue/32,000+) a few times: sounds great but a serious resource hog.

But as to why the behaviour is not present when you use the same settings in the master section I don’t know. If I was a betting person, I would be thinking this is something to do with the plug rather than WL.

Hi Paul

I´m running the montage at 44,1Khz. Haven´t tried higher samplerates yet. Yes it´s really strange that this only happens when the eq is place as a clip effect!

Hmmm … I have just done a very quick search and found that this issue goes back to Version 1.04.

So, maybe send a quick query off to DMG?

So now, the very latest version is not that stable. Has caused WL to hang … for me an extraordinarily rare event.