.DMP File?

I’ve already attached this file to another thread upon request, but no response yet, so I figured I’d reach out again. I’m in the middle of mixing an album for a client and Cubase 10 keeps crashing with a .dmp file message. Can someone please help me figure what’s causing these crashes? I’ve already emailed Steinberg support, but not confident they’ll get back with me in a timely manner.

Cubase 64bit 2019.7.15 (931 KB)

When Cubase crashes for example if you import a midi score into Cubase and you get a not responding in the control panel then what is happening in the background Cubase is writing a file called a crash dump file. What should happen is that once the file has finished writing then you’ll get a message stating where and how to find the crash dump file. This file can be uploaded to support at Steinberg so that they can say aha yeap that’s a chip, sound card, vstsound/soundfonts, incorrectly installed VSTis or one VSTi has caused an issue and Cubase has black balled it. It helps people work out what is going on. To read the file I think you can right click but don’t make it permanent and open with notepad or notepadX on windows 10. I can’t remember if you can see from that what is the problem. Basically it’s a dump file.


This crash comes from Cubase 10.0.20. Update to the latest CUbase 10.0.30. If it’s still crashing, attach a new dmp file, please.

Make sure your plug-ins are up to date, please.