DMX Channel Output not working, both internally and externally

Hello everyone,
Up top, I’m a total Lighting noob and apologize if there’s some super obvious thing I’m missing here, but I’ve been trying around and reading forums for hours now but can’t figure it out…
When the DMX Channel Output is set to Visualizer Out, I can’t see any changes in the audience tab (The Visualizer just shows Black even though the manual says it should be grey).
When the DMX Channel Output is set to DMX Mixer Out can’t see any of my automation in the DMX Mixer.
It need not be said that the Output to my Enttec OpenDMX USB does not work either.
Nothing changes with the Monitor Button engaged on the DMX Track.
The Outputs are routed correctly (i think) in Devices->Connections…
I can record DMX automation with from the DMX Mixer to an event.
I’m using VST Live 2 Pro Version using a MacBook Pro 2020 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 with 16GB RAM. OSX is Sonoma 14.5

Would be extremely happy if someone could help before I rip the hair from my skull!
Thanks in advance, H

Hi! no worries. Enttec should work correctly.
Okay. First check plz if you see your Enttec under Connections/DMX?
(also check the same if devices are “connected” to VL. Plz note, all devs needs to be connected before launching VSTLive)

Hey, thanks for your reply!
I can see the Enttec show up in Devices as “FT232R USB UART Out”. I’ve created an Output with this connection.
What irritates me is that the DMX Channel is not outputting to the Visualizer or DMX Mixer, so I’m not surprised it’s not outputting to the Enttec either.
Cheers, H

okay okay. Let’s simplify it more.

  • Create a DMX track
  • Create “clip / event” with pencil
  • Open and draw a few things in Channel 1, then 2, then 3.
  • forget INPUT for now.
  • NEXT
  • Set that DMX track’s out to VISUALISER
  • Mod out to the same DMX track to MIXER
    check both if magic happens and let us know

Thanks so much for your time. Can you explain what you mean. by “mod out to the same DMX Track…”? Do you mean just change the output?
I tried that from scratch after restarting VST Live for the bazillionth time, to no avail. Here are screenshots:

yes, exactly.
okay one more- which dmx chs are shown (visualiser overlaps)? visualiser only shows ch1,2,3 as RGB… all others are ignored by visu…

The Automation is on Channel 1-3:

… be sure that you are running the latest version. You can download the latest one here.


Hi Michael, thanks for your reply.
I downloaded and installed 2.0.21, but unfortunately still nothing has changed…
Cheers, H

did a fresh test via MAC / 2.0.21… works correcly. I wonder what could go wrong in your setup

… audio is working?

Yes, Audio is working fine. I’m using multiple channels of Backing Tracks and a few VSTis sprinkled in.
I’ve been using this computer to mix and record in Cubase with plenty of Audio tracks and VSTis for years now. The GrandMA onPC software works fine on it as well, so I can’t imagine there’s an issue with my mac? I’m installing on a different computer now to see if it works there, and will update. But I’m kind of relying on using the original mac…

OK! I got output to the visualizer and Mixer working! BUT: It only works when I open a new empty project. It refuses to work with the project I’ve already built… I started that set is VST Live 2, so it’s very new. Is there any way to avoid starting from scratch?

I didn’t manage to get my fixtures working through the Enttec yet though. @fkalmus you say that it should work an Mac without any additional drivers or software, just plug and play?
Thanks again people, I appreciate it very much.

… can I have access to it? Use “File / Save Archive…”, select an empty folder, zip and send it to me.

Install and Download the driver from here