DMX Editor - Feature Request - Fixture Channel Labels

It would be helpful to be able to create a list of lighting fixtures (or select make/model from a crowd-sourced list or add your own fixture), & for each fixture, specify the number of channels & then label those channels, & display that in the DMX editor. It’s a struggle to remember which channel in the editor relates to which fixture & fixture channel, simply by looking at a channel number. If that is too much to develop in one go, then simply being able to add a text label to a channel would be a start.

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Definitely! This would make life a lot easier.

… yes, I see and agree. VL needs a database about “all possible” or “famous” fixture. But this will take some time to add. Meanwhile it should be possible to edit the channels. That would be fine for the moment?


Being able to edit the channel labels would def be a huge help!