DMX for dummies, help please

… ah, I can reproduce it now. It’s “wrong” in the Release Build. It’s working in Debug. Sorry, we’ll check.


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@Spork @fkalmus, Thanks.

I have a brainstorming suggestion: it may be related to the function that reads data from the channels’ timeline and sends to the DMX interface. It should send all non-Null data to the DMX interface, including zero. Perhaps it is checking if the value is Zero instead of it being Null (no data) and because it is zero it just ignores it instead of setting Zero.

As for the randomness, it could be happening only in some instances, depending on where you start playback, because the rate of the reading of data from the DMX channels are lower than audio and MIDI, for example. The reading from the DMX channels ends up using Chase algorithms that work in certain conditions and not in others, depending on where the sampling of the data in the timeline started. Just an idea. Perhaps the problem may be in the chase algorithm misinterpreting a Null for a Zero.

… is it possible to create a simple project which shows the problem? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function.

… I guess your problem will show us the problem.

Thank you very much,

HI @fkalmus,

… it’s fixed now. Please have a re-check with the next Pre-Release.


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