DMX Interface support

Are there support or will it be support for Avolites Titan One and Martin USB duo interfaces? I also wonder if any visualizers are supported?

…should work, as it appears to support ArtNet, which is compatible with VST Live (cannot verify though).
For Martin I find " Martin USB Duo uses a closed proprietary protocol", which means that it will not work, unless its own software provides access via ArtNet or DMXIS protocols, which VST Live supports.

Avolites Titan One is a USB dongle type of interface, not using Artnet… I think that VST live is not what I need, I might have to go for qLab.

Hi @Snorhyvel,

can you please post us a link from your hardware? And VST Live is available as a Trail. Install the Trial, connect your hardware, start a VL project, select TRACKS, add a DMX Track and check if your hardware is available. Select the hardware. Does it work?

Thank you,

The dongle is a physical interface, somewhere they claim to support the ArtNet protocol - does not necessarily have to run on ethernet if the (USB/Serial) driver supports the protocol. But admittedly that is just guesswork.