DMX issues questions

Hi! Fortunatelly none of theese are now urgent, but two things I discovered when started to think about put together a playlist to autumn. Booth screencaptures were recorded with 1.1.8x… but after checking, no change in 1.2. I currently don’t have to get done, so if theese things will be developed in the next couple of months, I will continue working with this project then.

1, DMX stops “playback” in Cycle active

2, Couldn’t record ArtNet DMX signal (coming from another system, where I was playing in back in time). The ArtNet signal existence can be seen on Artnetominator, but it seems, can’t record to VSTLive. What am I missing to set?

Will fix, sorry.

… it’s fixed now. Next Version.


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… it looks correct. What is running on the other system? Which interface sends the the ArtNet DMX Data? Is it possible to run another VST Live instance on that other system. There, create a DMX Track, select “DMX Mixer In” as a Input device and “DMX ArtNet Out” as the Output device. Now enable the monitor a move the fader of the Mixer. Does it work now?


Gueten Morgen @Spork !

Sorry for the delayed response.

I have a special/dedicated music program where we created some lovely pixel2dmx fx using Resolume Arena’s Lumiverse output from LTC synced video pixels (via ArtNet to DMX node). I wanted to “record to VSTLive” Arena’s ArtNet output, because I’m renting the costly product in case of need.

This seems to be solved if Arena and VSTLive are running on separated computers, working OKAY

Interesting experience. Starting same version VSTLive on my computers:

  • OSX Monterey
  • Win11

The probe above works from Win11 - to - Mac
NOT working from Mac - to - Win11 (for sure with mirrored/reversed settings)

Obviously will not use two VSTLive control each other’s DMX data on stage, but at least I’ve tried out vice versa what you suggested to try.