DMX problem

My DMX interface only works in version In later versions it no longer works.
In freestyler, my interface still works fine. I would really like to continue using the new functions of version 2.x.x, but without the dmx I am forced to continue using version 1.4.0 :frowning:

At this point, I don’t know how to describe my interface. I know it’s not the best on the market, but it works very well.

Here is the link where I bought it:

Here is the link where I can download the drivers:

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rogeliusrock ,

can you try out two things? You probably know, there are pre-releases posted here in the forum

  • Can you try if things are still okay with 1.4.62?
  • Then try 1.4.64 (last one from v1)?
  • Finally the 2.0.6 (newest from v2)?

Then install back that is working the best for now. I’m pretty sure, they will get back to your problem as they get there, second your feedback after trying steps I suggested meight help them too.

Hello. First of all, thanks for answering.
Reviewing the pre-releases, my dmx interface works fine until version 1.4
In version 1.4.50 it no longer works.
It also doesn’t work in 2.0.6


then we need to find out when a version has broken your interface support. I hope you can help us out. Can you please download Version 1.4.1, install it and let us know if it’s already broken with that version? You can download it here

Thank you,

Hello. Thanks for your help.
I have tried version 1.4.1, and it still works
I hope this is helpful to be able to use the latest versions.
If I can help with anything else, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Translated with Google Translate. :slight_smile:

Hi, i think mine is a similar product and i can confirm that mine also works in 1.4.2, but any version higher than 1.4.2 it no longer works. Hope this helps as well.

… thank you, @Fugiford and @rogeliusrock. Ok, it still works with 1.4.1 and it seems to be that it works with 1.4.2. Do you have some time to run a final test with your interfaces and 1.4.3? That version has broken it? 1.4.3 is back online here.

Thank you very much for your time and help,

Thanks to you!
In my case version 1.4.2 still works.
I couldn’t download version 1.4.3.
He says, “The site is not available.”

… I see. Sorry. 1.4.3 was not a good version, so we removed it and continued with 1.4.4. I’ve updated the webpage. Could you please directly test 1.4.4?

Thank you,

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I understand why I couldn’t download.
I tested version 1.4.4 and it works!

I can also confirm it works on 1.4.4 :+1:
Thanks for your time looking into this for us.

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… thank you for your time!

Let’s take the next steps. I’ve updated the download-webpage with versions 1.4.7, 1.4.8 and 1.4.9. Are those versions still working for you, @rogeliusrock and @Fugiford?


Hi, i can confirm the following on my system.
1.4.7 NOT working
1.4.8 YES working
1.4.9 NOT working
1.5.0 NOT working
Hope that helps.

In my case
1.4.7 Yes working
1.4.8 Yes working
1.4.9 Not working

Ok. So just a quick update. It seems i made a mistake and installed version 1.4.70 instead of 1.4.7, so i can confirm that 1.4.7 is working on my system.

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… phew. Thank you for the feedback. I was nervous because I could not find anything.

… and …

… 1.4.9 has broken it. I’ll check!


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Hi Michael. Will there be any news about our case?

… we finally can reproduce it now. Sorry. We’ll do our best to get it done for the next Pre-Release. I’ll keep you in the loop.


Nothing to apologize for. On the contrary, I very much appreciate your work and your kindness. I stay tuned.

Thanks Michael, much appreciate all your hard work.
i`ll look forward to trying it soon.

Thank again. :+1: