DMX Programming

Quick questions for DMX experts
1- Moving heads: How to program a “smooth movement” tilting the light from point a to point b in 4 measures.
Right now I have only been able to draw straight lines (from point a to point b) in 1/16, fractions creating a sort of steping movement.

2- How to copy a program from channel one channel to another. ex the same information in channel 1 to channel 17

Thanks for any input.


1st: turn off SNAP in DMX editor window, then line tool will draw smooth line.
2nd: I coudn’t find way to do unfortunately (but would be a must have soon, agree)


Thanks, Tried it, and its much better.

Not as smooth as with a control mixer where you can set the time in ms for the moving head to go from point a to point b (that way you would only need to draw to points, instead of drawing a line with multiple points (stops).

One more question, Is there a way to draw osciltors? zig zag, wave, etc.

Hopefully, VST live will soon have a way to copy info between dmx channels


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Totally agree it would be a huge huge help and time savant to be able to copy data from one Channel to another! :heart: Thanks guys!