DMX to USB cable issues

Hi, I have the DSD TECH USB to DMX Interface Cable with FTDI Chip and have the D2XX drivers installed. I tested the cable and lights in QLC+ and it works fine but not in VSL Live ( - I get nothing happening - no pan/tilt, no colors. I read somewhere else on here that this chipset is compatible but not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @VisionsOfMorpheus,

which version of VST Live are you running? And what is not working?

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I have updated my question with the answers.

… thank you for updating your answer. Did you configured the DMX track correctly? Here are some steps

  1. Start VL, New Project
  2. Select TRACKS
  3. Add a DMX Track
  4. In the Inspector of the Track (left side) you can select an Input : Select DMX Mixer In
  5. Open the virtual DMX Mixer with the “|->” Button

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 17.09.32

  1. Now select your Output “DSD TECH USB to DMX Interface Cable”. Does it have a name?
  2. Now activate the Monitor control (the orange one)

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 17.10.56

Now you should be able to control your DMX hardware with the virtual DMX Mixer.



Ok I tried all that but no difference. My light doesn’t respond. I have universe set to 0 in this one light test set up, with the light in 14ch mode on channel 1. I don’t have an input mixer (hardware or anything either). I have the virtual DMX mixer panel open and controlling channel one and I can see it change in the visualizer if I select that as an output. My DMX cable shows as FT232R USB UART Out. I am on Win 11 Home.

… can you point me to an online store where I can buy your device?

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and I installed drivers here: