dNb / EDM Modulations pretty much Essential for modern DAW

Hi there,

The Modulations that create most of the dNb / EDM Sounds nowadays in the main DAWs Musicians use, such as Ableton, FL Studio, Bitwig - to name a few, these Modulations are really Essential and the main reason these musicians gravitate toward these otherwise maybe inferior in many ways DAWs.

These DAWs Lack most of the Awesome Features of Cubase, yet so many people use them and do not want to switch from using them, because they can Really Sculpt the sound in them in ways that is impossible in Cubase.

Cubase already has the Inner Structure ( BEST MIDI Routings repository On the Planet ) for doing this.

All that is needed:

1.Use the Cubase internal MIDI routings to route parameters between Synth instances
2.Convert these to some sort of Cubase Internal Automatable Control
3.Ability to Assign these Control parameters to modulate any ( VST Plugin or MIDI ) parameter on any channel
4.Ability to set inverted amount of Control, or semi inverted amounts such as -50 - + 50 ( on scale of +/-100 )

That is all

I am waiting for this with excitement