DNxHD and New Video Engine for Nuendo 8.x

In anticipation of questions and discussion on the new video engine and the implementation of the DNxHD/HR codec set (to be released on July 12, 2017), I am posting some preliminary information.

Here is a webpage from AVID’s website that explains some of differences between the different flavors and implementations of their codec…


Here is a bandwidth chart on the various flavors of DNx:


Here is a page that I have found very useful when trying to figure out a flavor of DNx that will work with apps that have a relatively poor implementation of DNx compatibility. Very geeky but you may need this down the road:


Here is the download page for the free AVID codecs that will work with the full or stripped down version of QuickTime 7 for those who are curious or want to install them in the deprecated version of QuickTime and good old Nuendo 7 (that is being replaced by the video engine Steinberg has developed). I have provided this for completeness but to be clear, I suspect this will probably NOT help you with DNxHD in Nuendo 8. This is for the old version of QuickTime:



Here is a Steinberg help page that gives details on available decoding codecs from ProRes to H.264 to DNxHD and so on. Also mentions some planned features such as "Encoding, MXF container support (essential if you are passing off DNxHD to AVID folks, AJA device support and “replace audio support” which is presently not implemented (as it was in Nuendo 7):