DNxHD license for each PC or on eLicenser?

There is no answer how the license is delivered. Or if you only need to put the DLL on several owned PCs?

I would prefer to get it on my eLicenser where my Nuendo is placed on.

Can anybody tell me how it is handled?

It’s a download and an activation-key for eLicenser (not mentioned in the store).

It would be nice if the shop could complete the desciption.

Also be aware that the DNxHD download itself is separate from the other Nuendo downloads, and only currently available inside your MySteinberg account, unfortunately. And it is periodically updated, so you have to manually go check inside your MySteinberg account to get the latest version.

Very annoying the way they set it up. It should be built-in to Nuendo (I don’t mind that it requires an extra license though), included in the Nuendo download, or at the very least available inside the download manager or on the support download site. But no, it is only inside MySteinberg. I believe Steinberg had to do this due to the licensing agreement with Avid. And the current version is 2.1.0 AFAIK.

Yup; licending agreement with Avid.
It has to be a complete separate entity, should be sold and installed like that.
Nothing Steinberg can do about that.


For what did i get an activation, if the codec is not bound to the (USB-)eLicenser?
I think I could use the codec on that machine, where the USB-(eLicenser) is placed. So that I could use it on pc and laptop (not at the same time, but where the USB-(eLicenser) is placed.