Do any of the Cubase 5 VST Instruments support Pitch Bend?

The only one that appears capable of changing the Pitch Bend range is Monologue.
On the others, Mystic & Prologue, there is an Event Tab that shows the modulation wheel.
But if you right click in the box there does not appear to be a pitch bend option.
Anyone know how I might be able to modify pitch bend with either Mystic or Prologue?
ciao, Dan

Hi, I’ve never used any of these synths but I just opened Mystic and Prologue and you can change the pitch bend value in the top left corner by left clicking in the circle to the left of the ‘pitchbend range’ label but only to certain values.


Thanks Mark,
I was going to make a print of my screen because I didn’t see any circle until I stood up and finally noticed it.
I’m leaning my monitor a little more now. :lol
It is really dark. They should make the text as white as the text is in the lower third of the window.
Those values (5 & 12) are exactly what I’m looking for.
ciao, Dan