Do better sample CDs have attribute tags for MediaBay?

Hi, I’m newish to using sample CDs and found the contents of ‘Creative Essentials Percussion Grooves’ on my sample drive weren’t available when I search eg. for a conga loop. In fact they were available but samples had numbers rather than names eg. 02_02_03. I’m not looking forward to renaming the 200 or so samples using the CD’s TOC, let alone giving them group catagories. I would a searchable catalogued library of percussion ‘ethnic’ hits and loops from around the world to play over with a variety of my acoustic and electric instruments. In your experience what’s the best way to achieve this with little pain and not huge amounts of money? I have recently bought Halion Sonic and think I saw somewhere that Steinberg have a Percussion pack you can buy for it. I also saw somewhere there was a third party plugin you could buy for ethnic rhythms.

So I’m in a bit of a quandary! Be eternally grateful for any advise.

Cubase 10.5 Halion Sonic 3 Groove Agent SE

That does sound like a pain. Groove sample libraries are usually organized better than that, with folders and meaningful file names. Many groove libraries come in Stylus RMX versions, so you can just load them into Stylus RMX and browse and play them from there. Multisample instrument libraries these days are almost always provided for use in an instrument, so you almost never have to deal with the files.

Hi GlennO, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll check out Stylus RMX. Can’t believe the sample CD tracks don’t names rather than numbers. I may write to Time and Space. I’m hoping there’s a way of solving this without having to have a third party VST instrument to learn.

You don’t literally mean it’s a sample cd, do you? If so, that’s the problem. I haven’t seen one of those in many years :slight_smile:.

Zero G say these are very old sample CDs and new ones have named tracks.