Do cubase audio effects benefit from higher sample rates?

I know, there are several similar topics but couldn´t yet find an answer to my exact question, as there are so many different aspects of this. (And sry for my bad english)

I´m generally recording classical inspired music and therefore working with virtual Instrument libraries, such as Vienna Symphonic or NI Kontakt etc; so, no audio recordings here. (I know that audio recordings are well affected by sample rate but in my case, I´m only talking about sample libraries and virtual Instruments)

While the sample rate for those libraries isn´t very important, because they were perfectly recorded and can be up- or downsampled.

My question:

While most of the time, I´m working in 24/48 (for film) or 24/44.1 (for CD etc.), I can easily upsample to, let´s say 96 kHz (24 bit here is a must); this upsampling doesn´t affect the samples, so how about the audio effects (convolution reverbs, compressors etc.) within cubase or 3rd party audio effects? Do the higher sampling rates in- or maybe decrease the quality of the effects in any way or do they simply adapt to the actual sample rate of the session without quality loss? (Again, I´m not talking about the required disc space etc. afterwards, I´m only talking about the quality of the effects) Because I must keep in mind, that after upsampling to 96 kHz for example, I´m forced again to a sample rate conversion to 24/48 or 24/44.1.

If audio effects were positively affected by the higher sampling rate, it would be wise then to upsample the project just before bouncing. And this only, If the later conversion to the final sample rate wouldn´t mess up again the benefits gained from the upsampling before bouncing.

If audio effects are not affected by higher sampling rates, best thing to do would be working (as said before, no recordings) in 24/48 (for film) or 24/44.1 (everything else) and therefore avoiding the sample rate conversion.

Has someone an idea if the audio effects are affected by sampling rate? Is there any official Information from Steinberg about this? Couldn´t find anything.

I´m currently using Cubase 7, but plan to upgrade soon. (But I guess, my concern shouldn´t be relative to my cubase version)

Thank you very much and have a nice day