Do Cubase loops and Apple Loops follow the Chord Track?

I have Cubase 6 and I’m thinking of upgrading to 7.
I use Jamey Aebersold’s jazz backing tracks for amateur sax playing/practise. These are excellent, but I would like to create my own for a greater variety in style and tempo.

Chord Track in Cubase 7
Cubase 7 comes with many MIDi loops. Will I be able to assemble them into a song so that they follow complex chords in the the Chord Track?
After looking at Danny J Lewis’ excellent video and searching the forum, I’m fairly certain, but can people confirm this before I upgrade?

Apple Loops
Will I be able to import Apple MIDI Loops so that they follow the chord changes?
I was disappointed to find that this was not possible in Logic without a great deal of editing.

Thanks for your help.


I also just discovered you can preview MIDI loops in Mediabay by having them play the chords from chord track! Just click the new button in Mediabay called “Link Playback To Chord Track”. :smiley:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Apple MIDI loops - anyone?

Thats awesome…opens up a whole world of production efficiency/laziness lol :mrgreen:

I havent watched dannyjlewis’ video yet (at work :unamused:) but I will soon. Curious about what else “chord track” can do…and really glad to hear that its getting praises!!