Do do I import from Cubase 10.5 Pro


I am impressed but rather overwhelmed by Dorico (Elements), and am struggling to produce a 4 piece brass ensemble piece that I can print.

I have created the work in Cubase, and it is quantised and ready to go. I guess the first thing is to set up the page layout in Dorico ie. Trumpet, 2 x E flat horns and tuba - even this I am struggling with. Then I need to import my composition.

Can somebody help? I have spent ages trying to find info. on the internet that is applicable, and I fear that, like Cubase, I am destined to spend more time trying to get to terms with the program than actually creating anything.

Many thanks

Hi Keith, it sounds like you should start with a general introduction to the program. Have you checked out the YouTube tutorials on the Dorico channel? Look for the “How To” playlists, especially Setup and Write.

I don’t know much about Cubase, but I imagine it has the ability to export XML. If so, that would be your best bet. Then import it into your Dorico project.

You can also drag and drop midi regions from Cubase into Dorico’s Play mode.

I export a midifile and import it in Dorico.
It’s very easy and effective

Cubase 10.5? Really? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Dorico recognizes the names of the tracks (if they are correctly written on Cubase)

You can OPEN a MIDI or MusicXML file, and Dorico will automatically create the instruments, etc. You don’t need to set up the instruments yourself and then IMPORT a single file.

If you want to merge the contents of several MIDI or MusicXML files into one Dorico score, then of course you will have to import all the files except the first one.

But as Dan Kreider said, It would be useful to watch some of the tutorial videos (and read the documentation!) to find out how to create a simple score “from scratch” in Dorico, because when you open a “non-Dorico” file like MIDI of MusicXML, the score might not looks exactly as you want it, and you need to know how to fix that.