Do drop in media bay samples lock to tempo and match bars in Cubase 10?

Afraid to move to Cubase 10 because of the regression problems in cubase 9.5.

I have to go to Cubase 9 to drop in all my samples because they don’t drop in time in Cubase 9.5. They never equal the bar and match up in 9.5 for me.

So I open 9, drop all my samples in and then move to 9.5 top work, a pain of course cause later you might want another audio sample etc.

Anyone knwo if this is fixed in 10?



Do you mean if the Audio event is in the Musical Mode, that the Time stretch is more precise in Cubase 9 than in Cubase 9.5? Do I understand you right?

Sorry no what i mean is when i drop in audio samples they are showing a bar and a half for example when they shoudl show 2 bars when i have match tempo turned on in media bay.
This used to happen intermittently in 9.5 then one time in happened and it is constant now. So i load all my samples in 9.0 only version i have time matching bars in.

Steps to reproduce

Turn on align bets to project.
Choose an audio sample
Grab it and drop it into new track from media bay or dbl click it in media bay
Then you will see that the bars are not matching and the tempo for me in 9.5

Working in 9.0 for me, does this happen in 10?



The “Align Beats to Project”, doesn’t mean, it will be synced with the project after load to the project. It means, the Preview is synced.

If you want to sync the Audio Event with the project, make sure, the Musical Mode is enabled.