Do flows auto-count now?

I had an interesting occurrence today:

I opened an old psalm setting I arranged a while back because the lectionary for this Friday calls for two different verses than those I set last year. Naturally, my thought was to duplicate the original and simply swap out the text for said verses, leaving me with two versions, each with appropriate verses to account for the foibles of the modern lectionary.

I was very surprised, however, when, rather than getting “Psalm 27 (1)” as happened in the past, Dorico decided to be “helpful” and to turn Psalm 27 into “Psalm 28” which is, hilariously, not correct at all, and I’m glad I noticed it right away.

My question is: is this an intended consequence of some new logic in setup mode? At least for my purposes, I regularly need multiple copies of the same works but with slight variations, and in such cases I tend to account for necessary differences in the naming scheme myself. (Psalm 27 • Ordinary Time vs. Psalm 27 • Advent I, Year A, for instance)

I guess we need to remember that Artificial Intelligence is still, at its heart, artificial.
It is a very funny glitch; glad you spotted it in time though.

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Off topic, but how did you put the underline between verses 2 & 3?

I just use shift-X text to enter a few long dashes ————— and then I put the letter spacing at -0.15 so they touch and there is no gap, hence it looks like a solid line.

I do that once, and then ‘alt click’ it in a few other places to copy it quickly, and place in engrave mode. Works a charm.

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I don’t know exactly when we changed this logic, but we did indeed change it such that the number at the end of the flow name (in the Flows panel) would be incremented if possible.