Do guests appear as offline?

I am wondering when i am in stealth mode, do I still show as guest since it seems they are always very busy poking about the forum.

Do you mean Hidden or just not loged in?

I’m well aware of the “who is online” page!

What do you mean by “stealth mode”? Hidden or not logged in?

Obviously if you are hidden then you are not a guest (you should know all about that :laughing: )

If you haven’t logged in, then you are a guest and not hidden!

I bet half the guests aren’t even human.

That’s what I mean, there seems a minion guests (unwanted or not) that are plaguing the forum.

Are you a Bot or a Brains? :laughing:

That’s my concern, that the forum will be overrun with bots/droids to the point that even those claiming to be human are in fact not.

Got news for you. You’re asking a computer? The answer you get is what it wants you to see. :mrgreen: :smiling_imp:

I think at the bottom there are Registered users listed, the number of guests, and then the number of hidden. Don’t know why you would be listed as a guest.

I have not seen a guest respond to a topic but I most certainly have witnessed them reading topics in what seems the thousands.

What I don’t get though is how can there be guests in the lounge when this is meant to be a restricted area?

Maybe they’re there just to help you with your post count :laughing: !


I believe that when the forum started it was 100 posts to become a member, then 150 and now 200!

It’s getting harder to become a member in short order, but a good place to start maybe “welcome”

For ‘some’ it should be 10.000.000 or so :smiling_imp: .


Almost there Mauri, then only 100 or so and I’ll be as credible as you.

To me, my ‘credibility’ here means sweet F.A. I got my hands full closer to home… :wink: .

Cheers mate,


Yes it’s a pity there aren’t award ceremonies at each stage of accomplishment, say at 300 (where you are) you become for example “regular contributor” and at 500 you become “dedicated poster”.

I don’t know that I can actually get to 1000 and achieve seniority because when the update comes I might turn to the dark side and unleash my wrath on all those who refuse to reformat their systems.