Do Halion program samples save within Cubase project?

I have been exploring the Halion demo and I must say that I’m really impressed so far. It’s very cool! I will be using it exclusively as a VST within Cubase. If I bring a sample in to halion and save the cubase project itself and then later archive and move that project-will the samples inside halion also move with the project? In other words are they saved in the pool itself or anything? I switch projects between computers often and I need a 100% bulletproof way of backing up entire projects for archive so that I can later open them on a different computer and have all samples, etc there…It’s surprising to me how many VST samplers fail at this essential task.


Halion only stores path to samples.

The answer to your question depends on the sample location.
If the sample was already in your project audio folder then you should be fine.
If not then you need to back up manually. It doesn’t copy the samples to project folder.