Do I have access to Cubase 11 Pro If Bought Cubase 12 Pro

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The question is in the Topic subject line.

Just wanted to find out if my Cubase 12 license is valid for Cubase 11 Pro?

If not , where do I go about purchasing a Cubase 11 Pro license?

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you buy an update or an upgrade, then yes. Your original license would change to Cubase Pro 11 (Not upgradeable) license, so you can use this one to start Cubase 11 with the USB-eLicenser.

The new license doesn’t contain this backwards compatible license.

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Hi Martin ,

Thanks for the response.

So I only purchased a copy of Cubase 12 pro

Does that mean I don’t have access to Cubase 11 pro , when you say backwards compatibility?


Right, you don’t have an access to Cubase Pro 11 or lower.