Do i have halion 3 or not?

I upgraded to 9.5 via download assistant. Installed the cubase and i wonder what new vst’s in there and i didn’t see any. I looked into website and i saw Halion Sonic SE3 flux synth was missing on my system. I went back to download assistant, i didn’t know which one i am entitled to download because i am sure i can’t download Nuendo, Wavelab, Dorico… isn’t it? Am i allowed to download Halion Sonic 3?

What did you advertise on the 9.5 page? It says “HALion Sonic SE 3 feat. FLUX wavetable synth” how do i get that?
I downloaded 27 gb halion 3 unknowingly if i am allowed to do that or not and transferred to my nas. From there i coun’t install end up with some read error. I am telling you all these on purpose, because you don’t explain so i struggle. Do i have right to download Halion 3 or not?

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There is a sticky about “possible no Flux” towards the top of this forum, I had the same problem and it solved it immediately

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No, unless you have bought Halion Sonic 3, Halion 6 or a suite containing them (Absolute for example) you do not have a license for Halion 3 itself.

Cubase 9.5 comes with Halion 3 SE which is a stripped down version of Halion 3.

Halion 3 SE will show in your VST Instruments list as Halion Sonic SE.

Which version of Cubase do you have (Elements/Artist/Pro)?

AND see Dave’s very helpful reply above! (I knew I’d seen it somewhere…going blind I am).

Don’t confuse Halion, Halion Sonic, and Halion Sonic SE. Three different versions.

I was also confused on this. And when i try to use sonic se there is no sounds in it. I can open up sonic se but no sound is found there. Is there a way to find them on my hdd and “help the software” to find it?

Please reinstall Cubase using the full installer found in your MySteinberg account.

I think i messed up everything. I was uninstalling cubase for the full installation as suggested above, i realized i am having cubase 8.5 and 9 and 9.5 so i uninstalled as much as i see anything with steinberg for the fresh start. Now i lost many of my owned vst’s because dll’s has gone c:/program files/steinberg/vstplug-in and beyond that i still don’t see flux.
I’ve watched youtube video find the missing flux preset from installer directory carry to the user/yourname/roaming etc… it was already there. So much ckicks to solve these dll issue now. What a day

All you have to do to have access to Flux is install the latest Cubase update.

Flux is only available in Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro. You’ll be able to find it easily by running Halion Sonic SE and clicking here:

DON’T DELETE THE STEINBERG FOLDERS MANUALLY UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Use Windows’ “Programs and Features” to uninstall Cubase if needed.

Full installation start with checking if have any update, i already confirm download and install the latest version. I will check once i get home

Yes confirm Cubase pro 9.5.21 built 3 (64 bit) already installed

Reinstall the content and SE3 fixed