Do i have the wrong setup?

Cubase Artist 7 doesn’t work at all.

I use a 2009 Mac Book Pro 8 GB RAM and a Focusrite Saffire LE that i connected via firewire. The VST performance panel is almost full and every few seconds the programm stops audio playing. once the programm doesn’t work - i can’t hear anything from iTunes or Youtube either. As soon as i close Cubase everything goes back to normal.

This is really depressing… can someone help me please?

thx philip

**Definitley look @ whats been said.
Make sure to Turn off your system sounds.
Also, there’s an option to ‘release audio when in background’ or something like that… DO NOT have it checked because if you do, then everytime you move cubase to the back, it relinquishes the audio.
That’s when the rice get’s burned… :nerd: