Do I have to export audio/midi from C9 to use it in C8.5.20?

Hi - I have an audio and a MIDI track that tempo detect is not functioning right in C.9.0.1. If I want to use an earlier version to process those, is there another way besides File> Export?

Thanks -


You can use “Tracks from Project” in Cubase 8.5 to import tracks from your Cubase 9 project.

File > Import > Tracks from Project

See if that works for you.

OK, thanks!!

(I came to Cubase 9 from 7.5.40, I didn’t realize the track import was something 8.5 also had).

Or you can just open the C9 project in C8.5.20, do what you want and save it. Then open that in C9.

The versions are both forward and backwards compatible.

Thanks for that hint also, raino!