Do I have to install stock plugins again when upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Pro 12?

I’m upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Pro 12. I’ve installed Pro 12, however in the Steinberg download assistant it’s got options to install all the stock VSTs etc such as Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE, plus all the sample libraries for drum sounds, loops etc. Now I’ve already got these installed with Cubase Elements 11 (which is still on my computer). Do I need to download and install them again, or can I link from Pro 12 to the same VSTs I downloaded for Elements 11? Both versions of Cubase are installed on different drives btw. Thanks.

All of the stock plug-ins have been updated to support the new Steinberg Licensing system. You should update all of the plug-ins and download the Halion Sonic SE 3 Content, which features additional content not present in Cubase Elements.

You should also download the plug-ins and content for Padshop 2 and Retrologue 2, which are also not present in Elements.

Cubase Artist/Pro 12 also added Verve, a new felt piano library for Halion Sonic SE.

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