Do I have two users?

Yes, odd question - but unfortunately I’m serious.

I bought a hardware Cubase 6 years ago, and have since then bought all the downloadable updates through to Cubase 8 Pro.

I had to format my computer, and thought that it would be easy to reinstall C8 by downloading it from MySteinberg.
But to my astonishment, no software was to be found. So I tried to go through the eLicenser Control Center, and there the license can be seen. I clicked the registration-tab to check if C8 was really registered. I got redirected to Steinberg online, but it only says “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”

So I started thinking if it’s possible if I’ve made two users. If I’ve done that, how can I find my “other user”?

BTW, I’ve sent mails to both Asknet and Steinberg. Asknet couldn’t help me because the original purchase happened over 18 months ago. I haven’t heard from Steinberg as yet.

Any ideas how to sort up in this mess?
Thanks a lot.

To ask a maybe easier question: Is there any way to find out what user my USB eLicenser is registered to?