Do I need a elicencer for my LE to Elements 13

I bought a midi keyboard last year and was sent LE(it was LE12 previously, but now it automatically becomes LE13), so guys, do I need a elisencer for my LE to Elements13 . I ask for your help because I bougtht earlier upgrade from LE to Elements 12 ,only to find it seems that I need a elisencer for my LE
Many thanks!

I registered refound for my upgrade from LE to Elements12. (Cubase Elements 12 Upgrade from Cubase AI / LE 11 and older) 11 require elisencer but 13 doesn’t
I am wondering whether I can buy the new upgrage from LE to Elments13


You don’t need eLCC for any Cubase 12+.

Yes, you can.

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Thank you ! that confused me for a few days