Do I need a graphics card?

Hi. I’m looking for advice from all of you PC gurus out there. I’m currently using the built-in graphics from my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z270M-D3H + I-7 7700K processor) for my 3 monitors. Does not using a dedicated graphics card have a negative affect on processor power? Will I see a gain if I put one in?
Thanks in advance.

No, but the drivers for the graphics card might cause audio glitches, negatively affecting audio latency as they (naturally enough) give the graphics card priority.

No, at least not in Cubase.

IMHO integrated graphics are fine and more than enough for DAW.

(grabs crash helmet amidst flood of incoming dissenting opinions)


Totally agree. Although I eventually did have to get a separate graphics card so I could use 4 monitors. Expensive too.

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My i5-11600k feels even snappier under Windows 10 compared to my Ryzen 7 5800x with a rather cheap Gt710…


I believe you will see immediate benefits from installing a dedicated graphics card. Especially with multiple monitors.

I use my workstation for audio production (both composition and mixing) as well as 3D and video production; the latter require dedicated graphics cards. So, while you may be able to get by with integrated video (and it’s possible it may uncomplicate troubleshooting in some cases), I recommend dedicated graphics cards. Today’s cards require a lot of power, but they actually keep the CPU clean and allow software to use the CPU where it is needed the most and the graphics are all handled by the GPU.

You will gain processing headroom and less latency, so yes, onboards works, but dedicated card will elevate things further.

But graphics cards can also cause problems with glitches. If the pc is running fine as it is and does what you want why go down a path that could cause problems. I used the onboard on my ASUS m/b and tried my 1030 card. I actually preferred the onboard and it shows less in latency mon.

If you are working with video you need modern graphics card.

  • my old laptop with Intel HD 3000 doesn’t support video output for Cubase/Nuendo :wink:


It always depends on the individual case. We have a laptop where Nuendo only works without dropouts when the internal graphics solution (Intel) is used. As soon as the laptop is configured so that Nuendo uses the NVIDIA graphics card that is also present, there are audio dropouts. (The laptop was configured specifically for audio applications.)