Do I need a new Dongle?

I’ve got a new PC running on an i9 MOBO. The dongle doesn’t seem to like it. EVERY TIME I launch N10, I get a no license error message! I re-seat the dongle and then it will open. This used to happen maybe once or twice a year on the i7 MOBO. Now it’s every time and sometimes 2 or 3 times to get it to launch. Any suggestions?

It might help to install the latest version of your “eLicenser Control Center” (v6.12.1)?

Niek/ Amsterdam

I’m still using i7 motherboards here, so this may not be your issue, but I get this error every time I plug my dongles into a USB 3 port. USB 2.0, no problem, ever, USB 3, always an issue. Upgraded to the latest keys last year thinking that may help… nope. Just a thought.

It’s looks like the same issue with iLok keys.

Good to know! It is plugged into a USB 3.1 port. I’ll move it to a USB 2 port and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks!!

I’m on the latest version. I’m coming back from a catastrophic crash that required replacing almost the entire computer. That’s why I’m now on an i9 MOBO with new processor, new graphics card and 32 new gigs of RAM. That required a fresh install of Win 10 Pro, which required updating EVERYTHING.

Hey, that worked! It seems to be stable now. Thanks so much for that tip. :smiley: Are the NEW dongles the same. It seems odd that they wouldn’t make them update with all the other hardware. Anybody know? :question:

Before I purchased the new keys I had read somewhere (Likely somewhere on the Steinberg site) that they had been improved electronically, leading to a quicker handshake and more reliable service. Considering my other keys were several years old, and that they didn’t seem to like USB 3, I thought it would be a good idea to update. Other than the USB 3 thing, I wasn’t having any other trouble with the old keys, one of which harkened back to about 2002.
So, I’ve had them for over a year now and can’t tell any difference between the performance of the old keys and the new ones. They are physically smaller by about a third, but the USB 3 issue persists, and if there are performance enhancements, they are too subtle for me to perceive.

It’s hell when the dongle all at once plays hide & seek. Same of recent with my iLok. My old head gets hurting enough trying to keep up with the software, just proving gremlins live inside digital audio as they did for years in analogue audio. Kill a gremlin, save yourself from aging as fast.