Do I need a USB Key e-licenser for cubase pro 13?

Goodday everyone!

I have just activated my cubase pro 13 upgrade from cubace AI and I was wondering if I need to purchase a usb key licenser too since it was not included in the package.

Cubase is working just fine but I was wondering if the usb licenser gives me any additional conveniences such us the ability to quickly use my cubase license to any computer I want.

Lastly, I can’t seem to find the cubase pro 13 license in the elicenser control center. I can only find licences up to cubase elements 11. The only places where I can see that I own Cubase pro 13 is the download assistant and Activation manager. Is this normal for the new versions of cubase?

Thank you in advance

no need for usb dongle. all admin of licenses areis done in the Activation manager. You are not gonna us the Elicenser for Cubase 13, maybe you need to do something before you upgrade.

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Where Cubase 13 is concerned, the short answer is No, you can unplug the dongle. But
You may need it for other, older software.
Most, if not all, other software can be updated to the new system, but that requires a much longer answer, to which I would refer you to:

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Thank you both! I really appreciate your help!