Do I Need An Activation Code?


I recently came across the first version of Groove agent and installed it on my PC (Cubase 6.5.3).

Unfortunately for me, it seems very unstable.

Some patterns play and some don’t.

You can see Mute come up on GUI and a popping sound is heard when you press play.

However I must add that after installation i noticed that there’s no activation code in the box, so my question is, do i need an activation code for a product this old or is there any thing else I can do?

Will Steinberg send me a new code to activate it? I can prove it’s an original version to Steinberg if need be.

Any help or advise is appreciated in advance

Come on guys, can i have a reply so i can decide if I need to return it for a refund.


I think you should contact official support. Check “MySteinberg” to further details.

Good luck!